The CCT Inc. Crew Understands Quality

The CCT Inc. Crew Understands Quality

Order superior ready-mix concrete in Powell, Farragut or Knoxville, TN

Get started on your construction or repair project ASAP. The concrete suppliers at CCT Inc. provide high-quality ready-mix concrete to property owners and construction companies in Powell, Tennessee. When you order from CCT Inc., you get superior concrete from a team of friendly suppliers.

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How do you know your ready-mix concrete is good?

Before you order ready-mix concrete, you need to know its:

  • Compressive strength - this refers to the concrete's ability to resist breaking if compressed.
  • Air content - too much or too little air can affect the usability of your ready-mix concrete.
  • Slump - this refers to the consistency of your concrete.

When you choose CCT Inc., you always know what you're buying, and we always deliver on time. Call 865-237-1347 to discuss the concrete you want to purchase in Powell, TN.